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Meet the Team


A Note on the Founder of Craigen Evaluations


Dr. Kristie Craigen is the proud mum of two children. She's juggled family life while holding management positions for almost two decades and knows firsthand the joys and challenges parents face as they navigate marriage and parenthood. Dr. Craigen is also a psychometric testing and programme development specialist with almost 15 years assessment experience in clinical, educational and organisational contexts.

Early in her  professional career, the nature of her corporate responsibilities led to the development of a keen interest in and a deep understanding of the psychometric instruments associated with employee selection and development. After the birth of her two children, she built on her hard-won learning and development expertise to support her own love of learning and on-going skills upgrade, this time into the field of clinical psychology. ​She attained undergraduate, Masters’ (GPA 3.807) and Doctoral (GPA 3.745) level qualifications in clinical psychology from universities located in Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States.​ 

Her postgraduate research focused on exploring the efficacy of various psychometric testing instruments and her work now focuses on the assessment and evaluation of children and adolescents who are experiencing behavioural, emotional and/or academic difficulties, usually in the presence of co-morbid conditions such as familial dysfunction, substance abuse, and/or psychological issues.


Dr. Craigen works closely with teachers and learning support staff in dozens of schools across Hong Kong, Southern China, India, Laos, Japan, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan and has administered and produced literally thousands of comprehensive psychological evaluations and psychoeducational assessments over the course of her career. She is a firm believer in giving back to the community she serves thus she has served on several Executive Committee Boards and is the past President of the Psychotherapy Society Hong Kong (PSHK) and the past Public Relations Secretary for the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). She also developed a successful positive youth development programme for a well known NGO which continues to feature in many international English-medium and local schools across Hong Kong.

In addition to providing psychometric testing and psychodiagnostic services, Dr. Craigen acts as an expert witness to assist the Court gain a better understanding of the psychological functioning, mental status, and skills and awarenesses of parents embroiled in high conflict divorce proceedings. Using data-driven methods, her assessment findings allow her to provide recommendations with relation to the custody and care arrangements of minors in instances whereby their parents are struggling to reach agreement on such matters.

Dr. Craigen is a protector of the rights of children and advocates on behalf of vulnerable children and students with learning differences and disabilities. To do this, she relies heavily on valid and reliable data that identifies their unique set of challenges, can be used to develop needs-specific recommendations, and will guide intervention processes to align with their best interests, improve their personal wellbeing, and increase their chances of living their best lives.

Professional Memberships

Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group, Mental Health Neutral 2023 - Present

Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Member 2023 - Present 

Hong Kong Family Law Association, Associate Member 2018 – Present

Health and Care Professional Council, United Kingdom, Clinical Psychologist 2016 – Present

Psychotherapy Society Hong Kong, Full Member 2015 – Present

Hong Kong Psychological Society, Registered Psychologist 2010 – Present


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