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Our Ethos

Human behaviour, however random, bizarre or atypical, can be quantified and measured. Gathering this data and analyzing the themes and patterns within it illuminates an individual or family system's unique areas of strength and weakness. This information can then be used to make predictions (accurate guesses) about future behaviour, guide the decision-making process with respect to treatment and intervention, or determine the appropriate course of action required to solve complex social, behavioural, or emotional problems. As complicated as it sounds, it works! Our assessments can change lives by helping individuals and families get the support they need to be their best selves.

Helping People Find Their Way Along Life's Ever Increasingly Complex Path

The irony is that in a world full of information -- tips, recommendations, tutorials and advice -- growing up and even just surviving the daily grind, is getting harder.

Making Sense of the Confusion

The first step towards understanding the noise and confusion that can lead to high risk or maladaptive coping behaviours in children, adolescents and adults alike is participating in a comprehensive assessment administered by an appropriately qualified professional.

Removing Obstacles for Students with Learning Differences

Some students struggle to learn and use academic skills, which often leads to academic failure and school refusal/dropout. To understand individual learning needs and the most appropriate interventions needed, your child will need a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment.

Using Data to Understand and Solve Complex Human Problems

From 1981 to 2009 the divorce rate escalated by 72.5%. Children from families with high marital conflict are more likely to abuse substances and be more anxious, depressed and socially isolated. The data doesn’t lie. Too many people need help and are not getting access to it. The first step to providing appropriate help and interventions is to seek the services of an appropriately qualified assessment expert.

Providing Essential, Affordable and High-Quality Services to Students in Remote Geographical Locations

Over the past few decades, there has been a dramatic increase in foreigners looking for jobs throughout Asia. As a result, educational, assessment and mental health services for English-speaking expatriates with children living in China, Central Asia and South East Asia are in high demand, yet oftentimes this need goes unmet due to a lack of appropriately qualified professionals  available to provide these services.

Pioneers of Integrating Digital Practice with Traditional Assessment Administration

Technology can empower organizations. Using technology is a natural progression for processes we already have and often, digitization provides faster, more efficient methods to perform routine tasks (e.g. online assessments). Cook & Craigen have developed an online protocol whereby traditional testing tools are administered via the internet.

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health and Learning Issues

Regardless of your nationality, undiagnosed and untreated mental illness often leads to the experience of significant emotional distress, contributing to a much higher likelihood of substance abuse, mental health issues and poor life outcomes generally in adulthood. With the right support, people who learn and think differently have more opportunities to shine.

Both mental health issues are treatable and learning differences can be ameliorated. The identification of these often takes time and patience, yet the quicker they are recognized and addressed, the sooner either you or your child can feel better and experience small, incremental successes.

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