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Dr Bernadette Wong

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Bernadette Wong held a management position for almost a decade and became a clinical psychologist. Bernadette's previous corporate roles naturally led to the development of a keen interest in a deep understanding of behaviors associated with employee emotions and communication. A decade ago, she utilized her human resource management expertise to support her on-going skills upgrades into the clinical psychology field to provide psychoeducational and therapeutic interventions, in addition to the range of psych-diagnostic and psychometric assessment services to individuals, couples and families in need. 


As a psychodynamic and humanistic supporter, Bernadette utilizes these beliefs in her treatment approach in conjunction with DBT and Somatic Experiencing (by Dr. Peter Levin), as well as Emotional Focus Therapy ideologies and Satir Model, to encourage service users to become aware of developing individual skills and strengths as a means to reach their potential.  Bernadette demonstrates a solid track record in effectively employing evidence based interventions and methods of practice and supervision, designing needs specific programs, in addition to managing their end-to-end delivery. 


As a parent herself, she believes family harmony and parenting coordination play a big role in developing and raising mentally healthy and strong children. She advocates for children’s well-being and safety by bringing awareness of the healthy communication style of parents and mindfully understanding self and others in relationships.  


Independent Practicioners Alliance

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